Christmas Greetings From Ann-Kristin and Ulf, 2003


This year has been exciting. We have traveled, moved and Ulf has a new workplace.

On the spring break we went to Belize, a wonderful country just south of Mexico on the Mexican Golf. Warm, beautiful and exciting, we took tours to Mayan sites and snorkeled on the coral reef.

Linn became bachelor of science this spring and she continues her studies in social sciences. Tove continues her internship in the southern part of Sweden before she returns to the Uppsala area where her old friends are still living.

We also made the decision to move to Ann Arbor to shorten Ulf’s workdays. It is sad because we leave a lot of friends and have to break our Kalamazooan habits.

In the summer we went to Sweden for a few days and continued together with Ulf’s family to Crete, Greece. We took part in a family gathering of 16 Hillgrens who almost invaded a small hotel at the beach. It was nice to get along and experience the Greek culture together. Ulf’s parents were both 70 this year and the trip was their birthday gifts.

We have taken part in some important parties during the year too. The Pizzie garden was transformed to a Hawaiian playground and both aged and young partygoers enjoyed the evening. Next Pizzie party was the Guy Fawke bonfire. We saw a moon darkening, fireworks and our sins from the year disappear in the fire.

Foreign Exchange Club has also given us some nice party opportunities, like bowling, Chinese New Year, Sweetest Day and other exchanges of cross-cultural experiences. We co-hosted a Swedish crayfish party together with Carol and Anders Bergh which was a success on a warm September evening with both real and paper moons.

The big thing this year was our move to Dexter in November. We found a house rather similar to the one we had in Portage and we enjoy the area. The kitchen has a view over a cornfield and a farmhouse where some cows walk around in the green. It is not just to move in, because it is different too, the kitchen is smaller and we are struggling with all our kitchen gadgets. So we will work out some changes to be performed during the Christmas break, which is a whole week over here.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

From Ann-Kristin and Ulf