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We have lived another year in Preston, Connecticut. Our yellow house with vinyl siding has become more lived in and we continue to adjust to the American society. Ulf works on with his challenging work with the business travels being significantly reduced after the spring. He did however get to go to for instance to Tokyo, which included the mandatory visit to Hard Rock Café. Ulf was also away for a week of fishing with former work mates up to northern Canada - proudly catching in the biggest Northern pike

It has been plenty of walks for Ann-Kristin in the neighborhood together with our neighbor Chantal, with many nice discussions. Otherwise the Feldenkrais classes in New York continue with a trip almost every month. There I stay at hotels of varying quality, generally at a catholic hotel, The Leo House. It is close to the Feldenkrais Institute and they charge only $90/night. It is far from luxurious but meets the basic needs and is quiet.

The garden may soon deserve to be called garden with two flower beds in the front and two in the back yard. You may not just poke down with the shovel and plant here, first you must dig up a lot of rocks and then replace that with soil, before you can plant anything. All the rocks that were dug up from a bed measuring about 5x20 feet, 2 feet deep, needed to be replaced with 6 cubic yards of soil. The rocks were however useful, Ulf built a nice stone wall of them. We will see if the plants we planted still will be there in the spring since we have frequent visits of deer in the yard and they are very curious about all new things coming up. Currently two more houses are inhabited; the last neighbors had a nice move-in party for us neighbors so we got to get together.

Linn had a lot happening this year: she finished the Trainee program at the bank,  took the Open Water Diver certificate on Sardinia together with Erik and did a very appreciated visit to the former host family in Venezuela. Everything has changed a lot in 10+ years, or is it the memory?  

On February 29th EMIL was born, our first grand child! He was born at the Uppsala University Hospital, as was his mother Tove. The father Mattias attended the delivery and everything went fine.

We were over to Sweden visiting in April-May and Ulf took plenty of photos of the family Hermansson in their house in Östhammar. It is fascinating with a new little family member that gently smiles, screams and sleeps. Wonder if you ever would be tired of watching him.

Next visit was in July. It was time for baptize and the whole family had a chance to meet and eat Tove’s delicious pies and lovely cookies. It was a true family gathering with Linn, Mattias’ parents and all grand parents as well as many from Falun present. Tomas Holdar performed the baptize ceremony in the church of Östhammar and it was really great with Emil’s paternal grandparents Irene and Jan as Guardians.

Now we are looking forward to celebrating the Christmas in Östhammar!



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