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Recently we took a walk in a wonderful fall weather at Watch Hill, 
Rhode Island. We strolled along the shore to a fort at the end of the peninsula.
There are nice places like this to visit fairly close by although we have not
managed to visit many of them yet. You find your way to those places when
you have guests visiting for a few days. So far we have not had many visitors in
Dexter or here in Preston.

This year began in Ísthammar at the home of Tove, Mattias and Emil, where we
had a fantastic Christmas and New Year celebration together.
Linn and Erik were supposed to be there too but they got stuck in Karlstad
with a serious cold. We came to our homeland once more in July on vacation and
got to see Tove and Linn participate in a swimming race in a river in Vansbro while
the rain poured down… And we spent a couple of days with Ulf’s parents in Falun and had a dinner
with Ulf’s family at Ulf’s brother’s Lars and his Barbro. You appreciate the warmth from everybody
we met. Before the trip to Sweden we spent a week in Copenhagen with Linn and Erik. It was a
fantastic week with sun, high summer heat and the beginning of the jazz festival.

Ann-Kristin finished her four-year Feldenkrais training in May and now she is Guild Certified Feldenkrais Practitioner. Ulf is still at Pfizer after big changes resulting from the acquisition of another big pharmaceutical company.

The first adventure this year was a trip to Jenny in New Orleans during Mardi Gras in February. We had numerous great food experiences and stimulating visions during the all week parades. The week was rounded off with a fun and crazy evening at Bourbon Street.

But the happiest part of the year must be that we have been married for 35 years. We celebrated this with four days of playing around in New York. We stayed at Leo House, where we had won three nights stay in a charity raffle. We went to all free entertainments we could find... Currently we are preparing for continued celebration – on December 10th we are off for Buenos Aires, where we might stretch our legs in a tango…

Ulf went on a fishing trip this year too, this time to Ontario. The same group as usual, great time with lots of fish on the dinner table some caught in torrential rain…

We also attended the September Pizzie party in New Jersey, representing Sweden in yellow and blue with knee bobbles – what a sight! We had the pleasure to enjoyed a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend there as well.

This Christmas we will be staying by ourselves in Preston. For the New Year will be in Detroit, Jenny Pizzie is having her wedding there January first.

We wish you a peaceful Holiday.



from Ann-Kristin and Ulf





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