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You may recall if you got the letter from last year (or you are on Facebook with us…) that we were going to Buenos Aires just before last Christmas, which we did. A perfect ending of our 35 years’ Anniversary year. A week with a lot of tango, great summer weather and fantastic city life. We have wanted to go to Argentina ever since we started dance the tango back in Sweden many years ago…

This year started at high pace – first with the wedding for Jenny Pizzie -> Stamp in Detroit on January 1st, a fantastic event with many old friends from Michigan. And you should see the Niagara Falls in the winter… Following this the highpoint came early with the birth of Sara on January 29th (Tove and Mattias proud parents). Next, a trip to Tobago with Linn, Erik and his parents in February, 24 hours stay at the airport in Trinidad on the way back due to weather in New York, AK travel thereafter in March to Sweden to “help” the Hermansson family with the new member – to get there was an adventure by itself. She was traveling with Icelandair via Iceland and of course it was timed with the first volcanic eruption of Eyjafjallajökull not far from Keflavik, resulting in the closing of the Keflavik airport. After a night in Boston she arrived to Iceland but the baggage handlers had decided to go on strike so AK had to take in on a B&B there and wait for the plane next day…

And of course for the return to US a few weeks later, the volcano erupted again, now with the well known consequences for European flight traffic. So AK was lucky to get out from Stockholm only 2 days later than planned. 

The Tobago week offered a lot of sun, snorkeling in very nice reefs, scuba diving, fight with a big Mahi-Mahi, rain forest, cacao plantation, island tour, very friendly Tobaganians, not really pushy because tourism is not their main source of income (Trinidad

 &Tobago is a fairly rich oil country) and of course a great time together. It was especially nice to meet Erik’s parents, which was for the first time for Ulf.


During the weeks in March that AK was in Sweden there was record snow in the area in Sweden, we had record flooding in Connecticut (our house came through this dry), Ulf recovered from groin hernia repair, the Polish plane with president Lech Kaczyński crashed in Russia, iPad fewer broke out (managed to avoid that bug) and Tiger Woods returned to golf without Elin. And then we had the BP oil blowout in the Gulf of Mexico… What a year! We returned to Sweden in May for the christening of Sara in Östhammar Church.

Besides this major event we repaired a leak in the roof of our cabin at Gräsö, had a quick visit to Ulf’s parents in Falun, and enjoyed a beautiful outbreak of Swedish spring for a couple of weeks.  This summer we had decided to stay in Connecticut, it was extraordinary dry and hot, got to try out some of the beaches in Connecticut. A storm passed by in September and missed our area but left great whale watching conditions in its wake. We saw a sunfish (what a monster) and lots of humpback whales close to the boat. AK enrolled in a three-semester long college program in massage therapy in the fall and felt very busy with home work and tests…Of course this meant she needed to practice massage a lot on Ulf J. Ulf went to Ontario fishing again in August – great weather, fishing and camaraderie. Camaraderie signified the survival of the 33 miners in Chile, who were trapped for 10 weeks 700 meters down under. Amazing.   We are now looking forward to a happy Christmas in Connecticut with Tove and Linn with families.   With these few lines, we wish you


Ann-Kristin and Ulf




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