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Dear Family and Friends,

We hope you have a wonderful time in anticipation of the coming Holiday. We have packed our suitcases full of toys and stuff (shh) and are on our way to Copenhagen. The plan is to oversee Linn’s and Erik’s move into their new home on the Swedish side of Öresundsbron (the Öresund Bridge). Maybe we can even be of help? If everything goes as planned we will also get together with Tove and Mattias and family in the new house. We are expecting a flow of folks coming by… Maybe you are? In Central Park, New York City

This was the year with we the devastating earthquake and tsunami in Japan and the resulting nuclear plant melt down, the Arab Spring movement in Middle East and North Africa, and Steve Jobs passed away.

More importantly, if you had been at the Swedish church in New York on March 24th you would have heard the words “I do” gracefully proclaimed as Linn and Erik got married that day.  14 friends and family had travelled in from Sweden and various parts of US for the occasion. Everybody had a wonderful week in New York, which for some included The Lion King, NY Knicks at Madison Square Garden, Aquavit restaurant dinner, helicopter ride, Brooklyn Brewery, etc…

We had our annual vacation in Sweden in August, this year it included a trip to Oslo for the funeral of Ann-Kristin’s aunt Anne-Marie. It was a wonderful ceremony and we had delightful meetings and greetings with her relatives in Norway. Cousin Tom and his Trine came over to Gräsö for a couple of days thereafter, with opportunities for relaxing walks down the memory lane.

There is always something you need to work on with an old house (hmm, not that old?). The chimney sweep gave us an unforeseen task at his last inspection of our Gräsö place – you need to have steps on the roof nowadays, which has not been needed for 30+ years… (ohh, that long). Well, you just accept. The time had also left its mark on a door and supporting wood – nothing but to accept and replace...

Otherwise we had a wonderful time with Tove, Mattias, Emil and Sara. Tove, by the way, got her full GP license this year. Congratulations! Stav

The Swedish summer weather was excellent when we were there which was not the case in the US east coast at the time. The storm Irene came through our area in August with resulting power outage for eight days. Guess what waited when Ulf came home a couple of days before Ann-Kristin (who was flying back on September 11th…). Well, everything with the house was OK except what was supposed to be frozen.

With the Lucia buns slowly digesting and the Glögg smell faintly in the air we wish you


Ann-Kristin and Ulf



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