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Dear Family and Friends, Yet another year has gone and it is Christmas again! We hope you are doing well and can look forward to a joyable Christmas time. This year we will visit a snowy Östhammar for a long anticipated time with children, grand children, born and unborn…

This leap year Emil celebrated his 4-year birthday on the right date, February 29th. Ulf celebrated 60 and Queen Elisabeth had 60 years Jubilee. Sweden got a Crown Princess, Estelle. The Scream by Edvard Munch was auctioned out for world record price. On a cloudy day, Venus passed in front of the sun for the last time this century, next time will be 2117…Scientists found the Higgs Boson, they think. Felix from Austria dove down from outer atmosphere at supersonic speed. We got to vote in the presidential election in the US for the first time – Obama got re-elected.

Last year we mentioned we were going to Malmö and Linn and Erik over Christmas, which we did and brought many great memories back.

Ulf spent a couple of days in the spring taking fly fishing lessons in preparation of a weeks sea fishing in Belize. Very different experience from Canada, more and bigger species, and fly-fishing, which was new to him.

Ann-Kristin finished massage therapy classes and registered firm in Connecticut and started to give massage and Feldenkrais a couple of times a week

 We visited Sweden in June with Tove and Mattias with children plus Linn and Erik. Ulf and Mattias spent most of two weeks replacing the roof on a house in Gräsö. The midsummer celebration in beautiful weather in Gräsö was a welcome break. After midsummer we all went to Falun where all Ulf’s siblings got together for a day for the first time in many years. Elisabet and Katarina had arranged a round trip in Dalarna for everybody with families in American Classics on the day of father Bertil’s birthday (Ulf was also celebrated…).Lina and Erik in Cadillac

 And Linn and Erik announced that they were expecting in January!

Tove and Mattias with Emil and Sara on Block IslandIn September Tove with family visited us for three weeks. Plenty of day trips of course: dinosaur park, atomic sub museum, Mystic Aquarium, etc. We took a couple of multi-day trips to Block Island and Cape Cod. We left Block Island with happy memories from the time together with our hostess, Grace Luddy and family. With us we also brought photographs of sea waves by Grace, here specialty as professional photographer.

During the fall, Ann-Kristin did something she has wanted for a long time; she attended a 10-days class in New Hampshire on Walk for Life, by Ruthy Alon.

Linn with new born girlStop the presses! We just learned that Linn had a little daughter - on December 13th! Congratulations!!



May the Glögg give strength and Lucia buns peace – with this we wish you


Ann-Kristin and Ulf



  Ann-Kristin and Ulf, Bluff Point, Groton      

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